"Ova Ya Head"

Da Sup Crew

"Gotta Go"

Alia Fleury

"Pretty Sounds and Killer Bass"

Supa Dezzy

"Ruga Ra Vol. 1"

Ruga Ra

"Ruga Ra Vol. 2"

Ruga Ra

Don B. in the studio
Don B. behind the scenes, "Born in the Country"
Rodney Ra's - Smoke Sum10. Available Nov. 17 2011
Comming Soon
Born in the Country ft. Dave Bartholomew
Download Gotta Go not at Itunes
No Backing Down. Coming Soon
Checkout Y.C. on YouTube.
Download Pretty Sounds and Killa Bass
Beats and Pieces dropping Nov. 24 2011.
Trackka in the studio with Ruga Ra and Y.C.
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